Library Find!! Fantastic Mistakes: Neil Gaiman’s ‘Make Good Art Speech’

Noticing Nature

I am glad that I chose to pick up this particular book from the pile this morning. I had been wondering why I grabbed it from the shelf, why I had carried(ok I thought lugged just now) it home. I liked and I hated the shade of aqua blue and red and pale deadskin-like yellow on the cover. It also made me smile and I thought of Steal Like An Artist, so I scooped it onto my pile…and then I rather glared at it. I wondered if it were serious, like the essays I have been reading. Inside of the first few pages was actually a GIANT weblink to the book, I mean the speech, live. I wonder which came first book or speech. There were a lot of things within the book that I have spent hours trying to communicate to others, particularly others that feel that life…

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