The FIRST Cauliflower in the Universe!!

–ok FINE!
It’s just in my garden. (rolls eyes and clucks tongue at your lack of enthusiasm)
I had nervously faithfully been peeking down into the center of my cauliflower plantings. I had been searching growing the plant, because I never have done so, and I…well all I could do was to peer at it, entreat it to produce at the appropriate time, As God Saw Fit…

–ok FINE! (waves you away while doing a similar version of the above actions)

Maybe more as I saw fit. It has been like making my mother-labeled figure do one of her nicer things and whack and whack and whack whack whack, that mangled can of Pillsbury crescent rolls onto the counter so that I could see the Pillsbury Dough Boy pop out and do the giggle, JUST FOR ME!!!!

It was only overnight, it might have been a day or two–or I could be blind as a bat, and the next morning, when I went to feed the cat, I saw

THE FIRST CAULIFLOWER IN THE UNIVERSE The First Cauliflower in My Garden. The author, she made me cross that out, I might hate her at the moment–such a stodgy women of the literal and the blunt and the honest (hell doesn’t she understand creativity AT ALL?!?) Oh dammit, now I have talked too much and I have missed the appropriate awed faces of appreciation at MY FEET, uhm no FEAT…

The First Cauliflower in the Universe--ok just my garden

VOILA! ET TAAA DAAAAAAA!!! (exaggerated bowing and the flipping back of magic satin cape lined in purple, of course)

Here also is the most lovely shades of green ever created by Me…

Most Lovely Green copyright


Beforeeeeeeeeeeeeee she has a rant, God did that too!! None of the peppers looked the same, in shade, if one was studious, and I was. Creating is so amazing!!! It seems so much more obvious in the garden than in many other places.

Now, I’ve got to go…I planted beet seeds and mixed salad greens seeds…I also have to learn how to thin the collards they are so perfect with their little fractal shapes all lined up on a row at the same time!!

13 thoughts on “The FIRST Cauliflower in the Universe!!

  1. As far as vegetable photography goes, those are top notch pictures! In fact, if there was a photo contest on “texture”, that Cauliflower would win a prize.

    Well done, Elisa.


    • No, I did not. I spent considerable time using google to duplicate these particular linguistics, and so far, I have not had success. I would like it very much if you could provide a source or a link… Thank you!


    • Thanks Robin! I went yesterday in the later afternoon and tore out the spent zucchini plants, dug and sorted and sifted and mounded and then moved several of the broccoli that were too close to other broccoli or to the cauliflower, to the new mounds. I also thinned the collards onto other mounds. I am not sure if these transplant well, but there are many left from were I culled, to allow for thinning. The garden looks neat for…well it just does.


    • Yah hooooooooooooooo (said like Yukon Cornelius from Rudoplh)

      That feels really nice!! I did it like those that garden alllllllllll of the time!!! Hops up and down. Thanks Kathy, praise is still nice!


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