7 thoughts on “Meaning and Continuity of Time, or Karma…Everything is Now

    • Kathy?
      There really hasn’t been anything for me to say back to you about your statement. 🙂

      I am pleased with your expression. This morning while I was pondering what the other commenter asked me and tried to state within what they said, I looked up at your comment and laughed. I noted vines coming out of your ears and wrapping round your head and growing in fast view up and down. I thought, yeah but it can get around you, so don’t worry over it 😛


      • Don’t worry, you don’t ever have to reply back. Sometimes I just share a comment so you can see I’ve been present. Glad to hear the vines can get around!


        • UGH! I often wish that I did not have to use words, and could just implant the thoughts and feelings. I just kept looking at what you said and smiling. There isn’t really, so far as my skill perhaps, a way with my words, to convey the staring and smiling moments back to you. And, I like your present footprints.


          • I feel so disconcerted these days around words and blogging and identity. Am not who I used to be. It doesn’t feel the same. And, yet, so often want to grasp back to the past and say something–anything–to make it feel like it used to. Hope that makes a little bit of sense?


    • I do not believe that there is a shift. Said shift, to me, is like trying to run along gleefully stapling air into a fixed position. Perception or observation of it occurring, without ‘us’ could allow us to experience living, life, and vitality. It is up to the individual to decide if it is lying to itself about satisfaction and about being grounded.

      To me, the concept of story, shoved down the throats of humans now, for profit only, creates discord and imbalance. Energy goes out, energy comes in. Simple.

      I would ask for clarification from many, who speak or ask about letting go, particularly of the idea of past. In a general way, I stated that all time is now. Everything we have done, are doing now, and could or will chose is immediate. Attempts to staple it, forget it, ignore it are denial.

      If you are asking how to live and to move forward from a past thing, I would suggest not regretting the past or wishing to shut the door upon it. I would suggest doing the best one can do, at choosing the next right thing, noticing the ripples and continuing that process.

      I wonder many times, if hyper focus upon letting go, healing, and so on, leads to obsessive unbalanced living. The same living that draws people to this concept that appears to be a magic bandaid of escape. If one’s success is based upon proudly completing these tasks, one must always then have the very thing that is felt as the object of such escape. I laugh as I type this part. The image coming into my head were many hands tattooing transgressions and events onto their skin and with smiling faces allowing everyone to see. Wouldn’t that make things seem simpler?


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