10 thoughts on “Cleaning and the New Moon

    • Thanks! I was poking about listening to one thing that led me to another, and the house is cleansed and blessed now too! I’m going to the site stamped upon the image later on this week. I created quite a wish list/to-do list yesterday. I did peek at the site, it seems interesting so far.


  1. New moon blessings to you, as well, Elisa. Friends of mine in Arizona were having a sweat lodge last night for the new moon and I was invited to join them energetically. They said it was lovely.


  2. This morning my grandson and I were creating moon phases with Play-Doh. Then we made a nightscape showing the stars and a crescent moon, We both loved this image. I had never heard of the association between cleaning and the new moon before. It’s inspiring.


    • hmm..think organize, trip over words and thoughts
      dust self off….. 😀

      The cleaning/cleansing, I personally do it when I can’t stand it anymore energy is blech and I need to clear. I recharge while I am doing it and attempt to replace at the same time with what I think that I would like in those areas. I stop when I feel grounded and hopefully ‘good’.

      Such spurts, also often coincide with the New Moon. By accident, or energetic nudge, shrugs and smiles. I dislike the word summoning, however to be shorter in explanation, summoning is done (for me) at the New Moon. For me, such summoning does involve what appears to be sending away, which ‘traditionally’ occurs at the Full Moon.

      I believe or have found for my desires/wishes, that taking action upon what I wish to create does involve creation of space and of mind that is in balance. Hence, cleaning. The ritual, then, if one could call it that, involve invoking or placing or requesting nicely, just like stripping and then applying new paint.

      I also have times where the body just isn’t able to cooperate with the demands of desires –and sometimes need. The New Moon for me, if I check the moon phase in hindsight, seems to assist in providing optimization of motivation, physical state and ability. I believe that it also serves as a psychological marker and nudge, a cue to do specific self-care activities. It can help those with anxieties or who get overwhelmed to simply begin.

      I hope that you wanted discourse. I like how you write and comment in a thoughtful manner, so off I went in my response. 🙂


      • Thanks for the explanation Elisa. Simply beginning can be such a stumbling block, especially if we are prone to getting overwhelmed by ALL the details.

        I love the metaphor of ‘stripping the surface before it can be painted anew.’ It’s a good start that allows one to get at it and move on from there.

        Will not look at the new moon in the same way again. Thanks again for the inspiring insights.


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