Spring Dressing

© 2013 Elisabeth Connelley & Purple Shoe Photography

10 thoughts on “Spring Dressing

    • Well, I guess I might have failed at having you be impressed. I took these on April 19. I was holding all of the images from the lilac series until I wrote, but uhm, that didn’t go so well. 😛

      Seeeeeeeee I’m NOT perfect!

      I still do not understand your persistant elisa comment, I felt badly I thought maybe i was bothering you and that I had missed a social cue to stop commenting. I didn’t mean to annoy. The thought makes me sad, again. OH shit, I might be hormonal. Just look the other way.


    • I have not been able to go to a ‘real’ museum. I encountered Dali on prints hanging in the window of a ‘disreputable’ tattoo parlor in the small town in which I grew up. I no longer know if disrepute was only from my parents or of the entire town. Their opinion seemed as large as a town in any case.

      I loved looking at the prints and thinking how interesting that such a place of disrepute could comprehend and espouse such understanding of real art. I always thought it was quite funny how the ink molded and ran across the human skin, humans wrapped in time and place by whatever molded around them. I thought it best not to share that with my parents, but I felt them quite simple and stupid not to have noticed it for themselves.


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