Lilac Art or Frustrated Lilac

I NEVER talk around my images. Now, since I said NEVER, I can now break the rules. I forgot to say YET. Today I am going to post two images. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally dislike it when people writing try to grovel and apologize and to smear their defects of character all over while appearing to be larger than the defects. Sharing the shit right out seems to be more direct and honest for me, though I would question the wishes of a reader to read a journal-like sharing of someone’s cleaning of their side of the street. Caring about it at all, causes me to laugh at myself as it causes the I’m sorries and the trying to slide things in sideways that I claim to detest. Isn’t that funny (or not depending on perspective and amount if ingested tea)?

So, here we go. My one camera, that I am ever so grateful for, it was GIVEN to me, simply handed over!!! This camera has a few broken bits, it has a few things that caused it to be viewed as a bit strange and it stopped being made. It has all sorts of bells and whistles. I used it like point and shoot. Some people see the images that I get from the camera and they appear to wish to speak technically about focal whatsits and depth of water, I mean field and f-something, no not a tornado. I don’t know about those. The motor on the lens that I choose to use most often is broken, so I do that myself. I see things that I like and I do my thing.

The camera fix-it guru says…hmm this is the third time I’ve had to fix the white something or other–I can’t recall, wait! balance maybe?!?! Anyway, either I am bumping buttons or…something perhaps unpleasant. He just has me bring it back to ‘fix’ it. He is also learning the ‘errors’ in the camera that I like, and not fixing those to frustrate me. For some reason the camera turns reds into fuchsia! It’s a BITCH! Sometimes, the Sigma raw is OK, but when put into the Sigma software so that I can get the images off of the camera and open them–which involves converting from raw to jpeg, THE REDS AND SHIFTED TO FUCHSIA!! There are many many times that I do NOT alter my images. Thus, the Lilac Project that I am doing hasn’t many posts because they are NOT the RIGHT COLOR!!!!

I simply cannot post crap. I CAN post imperfections and remembering many admonishments about certain works and sacred items having a bit of imperfection left within them or worked in on purpose, I rather like to do that myself. But. IF lilacs are a soft lilac shade and the camera turns them fuschia, not even color temperature and saturation will EVER allow me to get it right. Right and Wrong can be dreadfully and utterly amazing for me, or a living Hell. (important to note, my other camera doesn’t exactly get the shade either and recalling the red tulip experience, I believe all cameras can have a red, yellow, blue issue) I don’t know enough about it to know if that is valid or just a nice way to get around telling me that I screwed up. Ok, so here is the original image.


And this is what I did to it, the colors are better or more true to the bush, and then I simply played with it.

Lilac Art copyright

Does anyone know why the fuschia? I am frustrated. I might require Help. (or a hosing off)

2 thoughts on “Lilac Art or Frustrated Lilac

  1. Maybe your white balance? It tends to warm and redden things if it’s set on a warm setting (on my camera it’s called “open shade”; yours might be “shade” or “cloudy” or something).


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