Something to Do

Here, is something, I found for you to do, because, while I thought that our family had bypassed the Norwalk vomit thingy that ripped through our community, it appears as though the college students that traveled last weekend to a conference in Pittsburgh, had not.


The doctor’s kind nurse said…i know you cannot eat store food, so I suggest you get some clear soup stock made IN THE NEXT FEW HOURS.
I said HUH!?….hours?

She said yes, hours, maybe.

Great. sigh.

So, batch one has an hour and a half left on the stove and if I am lucky the daughter will be a lone puker and stay upstairs using disposable dishes we will all be fine in the morning.

In the meantime watch this cartoon!

4 thoughts on “Something to Do

    • Thank you! Just realized that due to the allergy and tummy issues most of my foods are BRATTY diet anyway! woot

      Hey btw, I have a culinary degree. I can make large vats of real and yummy stock, but at home NOPE, hours and mess and water.

      I can do a large pot of stock now in two hours of cooking and about 15 minutes of prep, less if I dirty the food processor. I hate washing it, so I use a knife. I use the chicken for 2 other meals and the stock for all kinds of soups and chilies. Let me know if you want to know how.


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