Something to Do

Here, is something, I found for you to do, because, while I thought that our family had bypassed the Norwalk vomit thingy that ripped through our community, it appears as though the college students that traveled last weekend to a conference in Pittsburgh, had not.


The doctor’s kind nurse said…i know you cannot eat store food, so I suggest you get some clear soup stock made IN THE NEXT FEW HOURS.
I said HUH!?….hours?

She said yes, hours, maybe.

Great. sigh.

So, batch one has an hour and a half left on the stove and if I am lucky the daughter will be a lone puker and stay upstairs using disposable dishes we will all be fine in the morning.

In the meantime watch this cartoon!

Morning Trip (97)

“A man is walking in a field
and everywhere at his feet
in the short grass of April
the small purple violets
are in bloom. As the man walks
the ground drops away,
the sunlight of day becomes
a sort of darkness in which
the lights of the flowers rise
up around him like
fireflies or stars in a sort
of sky through which he walks.”
– Wendell Berry, IV Leavings