Gratitude, The Daily Aries Ponder (53)

This post began as an effort to write a Morning Trip about Grace. The search reminded me why I haven’t made one before. I began to get a little frustrated. First I thought my frustration was because I could not locate a relative video. (laughing at this now) Then, as I was muttering to myself, I clarified the search. I shifted to gratitude. Gratitude, not as the buzzword, not as a rote thing to do or to say because someone told me it would get me somewhere, but Gratitude as Grace. For me the awe that comes, the energy that moves along with an awe inspiring moment, the thing that encourages me to utter a spontaneous outpouring of gratitude IS grace. Gratitude is the words I might try to put with the feelings.

I viewed this TED Talks presentation some time ago, and while in the moment, it was amazing. It did not fit in with the thoughts, the energy, and the concept that I wished to project. Today, it feels perfect. I am glad for the grace of the video to remind me that for a great many times, when I think that I feel frustration, it is not the thing. It is, rather, a sense of inability to express what is inside of me, thus, I attempt to paint all of these inexpressible or trapped things with sound and images and words that paint feeling or emotion that approximates or recreates it. I appreciate those people who walk alongside of me while I figure it out.