11 thoughts on “Celebrating Winter Solstice, Alban Arthan

  1. OK, so this must be a repeat blog, as it looks like I already commented. Ha ha, this memory doesn’t really remember all that much. I just looked at Baby it’s cold inside from last Sunday and thought, “Wow, who wrote THIS?” (This can be both positive and negative…)


    • Yeah, when I began the day I had no inspiration for a new way to post it and the music of this one was soothing, so I stickied it. I had some artistic inspiration afterwards!


    • I am very glad for you effort in posting and in your words. I tend to berate my own skills at acting the Bard. Though, I suppose, I tend to do it by using descriptive vision and sounds as a multisensory method of passing things along. I like the way meanings are conveyed.


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