Celebrating Winter Solstice, Alban Arthan

“As the wheel of days turns into darkness, it reveals the light and hope of Spring.”


11 thoughts on “Celebrating Winter Solstice, Alban Arthan

  1. OK, so this must be a repeat blog, as it looks like I already commented. Ha ha, this memory doesn’t really remember all that much. I just looked at Baby it’s cold inside from last Sunday and thought, “Wow, who wrote THIS?” (This can be both positive and negative…)


    • Yeah, when I began the day I had no inspiration for a new way to post it and the music of this one was soothing, so I stickied it. I had some artistic inspiration afterwards!


    • I am very glad for you effort in posting and in your words. I tend to berate my own skills at acting the Bard. Though, I suppose, I tend to do it by using descriptive vision and sounds as a multisensory method of passing things along. I like the way meanings are conveyed.


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