What the He…uhm Heck, IS THIS?!?!?!

What the He…er Heck is this?!

I have never seen one before and the first one I noted today looked like a very wet and shiny brain.


There was a weird sense of fear as I had to get nearer, waiting for an alien to pop out at me, glistening fangs and dripping eyes…(sorry, but it’s true)


Ok, fine, I avoided taking the picture of the first wet one, I didn’t want to get too close and then I saw other ones.


The rest said are you NUTS!?!?, get some pics so that the nature people everywhere, or in Pennsylvania can rationally erase alien feelings of horror.

13 thoughts on “What the He…uhm Heck, IS THIS?!?!?!

    • ooooooooooooooooooo I googled those this morning and YES that IS what they seem to look like! They DOOOOOOOOOOOO have fangs and claws and alien faces too!! I like them though! Now, how to find out when they might come out, so I can catch them! (with my eyes, not my hands)


    • giggling!!

      It was really creepy at the time. It is less creepy now, as I happen to like the Praying Mantis. But, I bet if I walked in the chill of the morning, when the fog caused a particular glistening on them, that I could recall the creeps quite readily.


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