Thank You WordPress Helper-Type Persons!

I had been experiencing dismay. It was very dramatic. My lower lip nearly dried out, from all of the pouting. Somehow, through something I did, or did not do, my sidebars became bottom of the blog bars. They did not become neato-suitable bottom bars either! I very carefully searched the helps. I found that I already had those things in line. I even deleted the posting that I did, the only thing I changed(that I know of). I still had bottom bars. So, I wrote note, that I hope was nice, to the WordPress Helper-Type Persons. And then, I waited. Let me tell you, in case you hadn’t noticed, I am the world’s BEST waiter!!!! Ok, no I am NOT AT ALL. I can’t even lie about it, except that little humor there, which I also had to amend. Pardon me, I haven’t had tea yet and I’ve wavered off onto something else.

I woke up this morning and JOY OF JOYS GLORY AND HALLELUIAH! God enabled the skills of problem location and correction to surpass my own and to get the bottom bars back to side bars!!! It’s the little things that please! I am so grateful for the WordPress Helper-Typer Persons!! I hope that they know that I am!

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