Summer Reveries, Ralph, Bluefish Way and A New Computer

This is my first post on my brand new computer!!! It will take me quite a while to get through all of the images stored on my camera card and to get image softwares placed here for me to use! I am sooo excited.

Hazy summer dreams can be heaven. Feeling fuzzy and unmoving to me, can be hell. I am soooo glad to be able to feel like I can move forward thanks to friend Ralph at Bluefish Way. This computer was his present to me!!!! There just still are not enough Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Summer Reveries, Ralph, Bluefish Way and A New Computer

  1. I can hardly believe that one of your blogging friends bought you a new computer!! It’s a miracle gift. Better than a kayak. Better than anything! I wanted to buy you a computer, and couldn’t. But the Universe found Ralph and worked through him. Awesome, Elisa! P.S. So sorry to hear about your biopsy and pain and all the challenges there. You haven’t talked about them much.


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