The Spectacular Average

How do you know when you have been active? Been of value? Been spectacular? average? I came here today as part of my morning habits. And I thought, and I was bothered. I thought about all of the images that I am posting daily on Purple Shoe Photography that no one knows about. I thought of the lack of posts here, because my expression has been leaning more toward the joy of sharing what my eye gets to see. I thought of my idea to post a few images here with links back to my photography blog. I thought of the partial poem that came to me last night, more as an utterance of affection for a loved one, that simply ended in emotion and feeling no longer connected to words and thus incomplete. There is no end to that kind of expression for me, but others, I suppose would not understand the reason for the posting in such a form.

I wonder at the hours spent attached to this chair. I note my observances of one of the children that by looking at her body or listening for a vocal sharing of what activity of value that has occurred that I too, may appear as doing nothing.

I got up this morning and I looked at all of the wonderful things that had sprung (come springing?) forth from the hearts and minds and spirits of those I follow each day. I particularly looked at images of nature and had nearly as much joy as having been to my own Tree Place.

I read about The Gypsies and the Mother Goddess over at Paulo Coelho’s blog. I shifted from listening to Silencio to Dinah Washington while reading.

I moved on to Writing Without Paper, and noted the post today about Sister Beckett. It had a link within it over to PBS. It has been quite a while since I thought to venture there and I am very glad that I did. The video section is different from what I have encountered before there and I viewed John Muir In The New World. I put that link off to the right side menu over there.>>>>
**edit–ok, so I removed the widget since publishing, here is the link– John Muir in the New World–PBS Click to Watch!

I have eaten, taken the required daily steps to keep me functioning, on many levels. And I feel satisfied and full. It is not yet eleven in the morning and I have had days worth of mental input and stimulation for my spirit! I’m headed outside to walk to the nearby park and after, I shall go back to reading a book that I began last night. I finished with the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret yesterday afternoon, upon the suggestion to read given by friend Kathy over at Lake Superior Spirit.

3 thoughts on “The Spectacular Average

  1. Hi Elisa, good afternoon. Interesting thoughts here! I was thinking, as well, how often what others perceive when they look at us is not what’s happening at all. A whole lot can be happening when it looks like nothing, and nothing can be happening when it looks like much. I felt such delight while reading that Hugo book, such delight! My heart felt overjoyed. Later, after publishing the post, I thought–here I was sharing from my joy (which may have been totally circumstantial) and what if no one even LIKES the book? I am glad you thought the book was amazing. I’m glad at least one other person thought so. 🙂 Funny, our need for validation at times, when our paths and awarenesses are so very unique.


  2. Reading your comment and Dinah Washington’s ..Mixed Emotions is playing! hehe

    I was both delighted and sad while reading. This is the third book since January that uses and references the Automatons. I wonder now if I am not getting what I was to gain from the readings OR that I was unaware of the Hugo Cabret, that others also loved and used as ingredients in their own following writings.

    I had a post once on Validation. LOL I’ll put it up today. I may not be able to remember the words that I chose. I’ll leave those for potential comments!


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