Outside of My Window

Liquid A

Liquid B

Liquid C

Liquid D

Images are the property of Elisabeth Connelley and Purple Shoe Photography.

They are offered in limited numbered prints.

Please send inquiries to: elisa58t2sugarless@yahoo.com with Purple Shoe Photography in the subject line.

9 thoughts on “Outside of My Window

    • Thank you! I was practicing gratitude for drizzle. This was the first time I tried to capture drips and drops of water with that particular camera. As you can see it was very early and thus darker, however I really like the purple and red shades of this shrub against the light. It is why I put it outside of the window.


        • ooo hey! I can take a picture of said button with my other camera! Someone gave me the Sigma and wow it has all kinds of buttons and dials and let us NOT toucheth them without supervision!


          • It’s a little dial built arouuuuuund the button I push to take the pictures! It has little ribs and seems to click in tiny increments. You should hear what I sound like when describing car noises to a mechanic!


          • Just thought of something.. Do you think you may have switched the auto focus off by accident.. I don’t know just grasping at straws but I have a Sigma lens and I did that the first day I used it. I just forgot to turn the Autofocus back on was all… I know I am grasping at straws but it was just a thought.


            • YES!! The last time the owner asked for it back, he can’t use it either but he gets angry with it and uhm well …that MIGHT be how it became damaged. The camera shop knows him and chuckled and put the camera back to how I wanted it, including that little gadget around the shoot button. And now …. I’ll just take it to a camera shop, I don’t’ even have the manual for it now. Thanks for morning fun!


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