Piaget’s Keep

Piaget’s Keep

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7 thoughts on “Piaget’s Keep

    • It’s Christ Episcopal Church. It’s down the street less than a block from James V. Brown Library. I stopped at this place to photograph the tulips. I felt self …a little self conscious because I wanted to lie down in the grass to get the shots I wanted. It’s in the downtown, so the grass area is pretty small and at one point, I sprawled out onto the sidewalk. I was so excited to catch the light through the tulips that I stopped caring or noticing people looking from the cars on the busy street.

      I have a series of photos that involve stone structures. I like how the red shade feels to me, I can’t really describe it. I like how the drain channels for the roof are worked into the stonework, I’ve not seem them like this in other places. The church is small. I was inside it, this Christmas. It feels beautiful. I could sit in there and just listen and feel for days! I have not yet been bold enough to put my hands on the building and shut my eyes so that I could notice people through time visiting. Again, I’m shy, it’s right on the main street. I feel really nice that you took the time to ask me Kathy! Tears and laughing to wonder that such a question moved me in this way. Did you have a reason for asking me?

      I felt large. I felt the care of the selection of stone and the feeling that went into creating this place and family. The place has animation.


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