Silent Feeling

Silent Feeling

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4 thoughts on “Silent Feeling

  1. Oh I like this SO much! What a feeling… Am wondering, what has happened with your computer situation? Do you have a new one? Are you blogging from the library? Is there a blog here where you wrote about it? Glad you’re computer-active, however it happened.


    • The computer is de-virused. I have everything backed up. I am now using it until the leaking c-word objects on the motherboard conk out. He said days……it is still days 😀

      I’m feeling a bit stifled with the writing as I don’t want to have a creative burst, and maybe forget it or lose it when this one dies. I’m saving 500 for a new one. This could take ten years! hehe
      It will be funny if this one lasts somehow until the week before I just have enough. This computer is 11 years old!

      I tried bowling today for the second time ever! I got a strike and a few spares and something about split but…lord only knows what that means 😀


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