Computer Funeral Imminent


I have the computer, it DID have a virus.
Then, I said what about that fan issue…and he said what fan issue, and then he said I don’t hear a fan, that’s not good. (Guy who worked on it left for medical appt.)
off came the side of the puter and he said yup fan bad
and then I heard those bad phewwwwwwwwwwww sounds from owner.

Very close to the sounds a mechanic will make when he thinks a job is done and then checks one more thing ….

Some tiny can looking and highly important things on my motherboard are leaking and …

I’m sad. I haven’t funds for another computer. This is my lifeline and my link to sanity. It’s the only place on earth that I can be who I am or lie to myself and if anyone has anything to say about it, it’s me. (sometimes friends will holler out a whooooooooooooooooa woman what do ya think yer doin’)

I have tried all day to find a way to resolve my whiny ingratitude. I thought of the prize that brought the computer. I thought of the grace of eleven years of having it and besides virus and one deceased hard drive, it has served me valiantly. Without it, I do not know if I would have been able to get what is inside, to the outside. I’m petrified.

The one who is not petrified is laughing like santa. It says IMAGINE if you had NOT had the virus alllllllllllllll of your writing and allllllllllllllll of your photography would just have exited the building. YOU have a chance to get it all backed up!! What a gift. (then that part wandered a bit and wished it would snow, just once–then apologized and told me not to eat the corn chips and to keep reading.

I looked outside. It took three hours for my snow wish to arrive. Maybe there is yet a miracle for me to discover hidden within the broken computer. We shall see!

2 thoughts on “Computer Funeral Imminent

  1. Oh Elisa… Strangely (synchronistically?) I just wrote a short blog with the word “miracle” in it. Maybe? Maybe there is a way to stretch perception to allow you a new computer, somehow, somewhere…

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