My Living Room–Purple Profundity Poetry

My living room
has a woman
crouched and old
a bit twisted and a tad bent
or vent?

She rocks
she works her hands
the motion stops
thrust forward
glimpse of smoothing face
joyful expression

a little girl
perched upon her toes
beside the arm of the couch
peeking out
watching bubbles float up
my living room

has a young woman
in a sweater
and a handmade quilted skirt
sitting on the couch
as if to herself
sidelong and knowing glances
at the old woman
tilting her head to listen
to the story
just for the little girl
wide eyed and joyful
perching on the floor
My living room.

–elisabeth connelley

2 thoughts on “My Living Room–Purple Profundity Poetry

  1. Your choice of things to notice about this writing have had me thinking. I would really like to know why you thought of joy and love and intimacy. I suppose, like any writer, I know why I write a piece, or I explore what I am thinking within it, so that I can come to some knowing. I try not to explain what I write because art is within the eye and the mind of the one being perceptive. I get curious when someone notices something that I may not have intended. I would like it very much if you might share more. Thank you for visiting.


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