Doing the “Right” Thing, NCAA defers to authorities in Penn State sex scandal.

I’ve been thinking and thinking and knowing and deciding. I’m watching the masses do their thing, without showing wisdom nor learning.

I found an article that on the surface actually makes good sense and doesn’t get things blown out of proportion by blowing up the house because the car in the garage has a bad spark plug. It has a copy write, so here is the title and a link: NCAA defers to authorities in Penn State sex scandal. The article also assumes, just as the Penn State staffers following the chain of command and the policies of the institution, that the person at the end does have the authority to correct a situation, will grasp the severity of a situation, is motivated to do something about it, and that the person cares enough at the time act. Is anyone going to call them pulling the wool over people’s eyes? Is anyone going to turn over cars and rip down lamp posts in protest for them doing nothing? I think not. Our society thrives upon pedestals. We put people on them. We rip them off of them. For the most part, we endow those deemed higher with superhuman ideals without knowing a truth. We can react violently when such delusions are challenged.

Where is the outrage when the child down the street is molested or killed, towards the neighbor who called police three times didn’t do enough? Where is the outrage when Children and Youth officials provide vast obstacles to their having to take action, such as knowing the name of the abuser? There isn’t any. I hope people choose to notice the parallels and the powerlessness that the victim, and the helpers must face. I hope that people think.

I also wonder, Why is Second Mile still operating?