6 thoughts on “Cardinal for Kathy

  1. Tis a miracle that I’m here tonight, Elisa! You should let me know when I need to mosey on by to look at a fine cardinal. Tired…Barry had his knee arthroscopic surgery today. Hey, Janet said you quit Facebook. Is it true? How come? You off for good? Enquiring minds want to know.


  2. Well, I was just going through images and BAM! there was the cardinal that you put on some sort of hunt at some point or other in your blog and I couldn’t find the image! 😀

    I hope he is reasonably comfortable.

    Yes I did leave FB. No one talked on it, endless streams of rants, and I didn’t like the changes at all, so I left. For good. As long as good lasts!


  3. No, not really. There was no interaction at FB with others and I will not abide what FB is doing. Thus the long pause in responding to you because I have not seen any signs of closeness or intimacy, which to me are a part of missing, because those aspects are also missing. I are confused, but am on to dancing up the sun.


    • Facebook left me feeling confused and uncertain, too. I agree what you say about the lack of closeness and intimacy. My son calls FB his “address book”. Perhaps we were spoiled by Gaia, you zigzag, you.


      • I’m not sure if facebook really confused me. I think I meant that missing exclamation without ever really having a give and take relationship. The things that people think but do not share or express in a way that gets through is frustrating or confusing, or puzzle me somewhat. It is strange to be missed when I do not feel that I have ever been known. I am left wondering what is the missing thing?

        Maybe with my walking alongside thing, I do not so much perceive the attachment of others, I take them as they are, what I see on face value. I think 🙂 I might think something else in five minutes.

        P.S. I responded to Janet’s question of where was I going on the blog, Am I Going?


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