never attaching is a good excuse and trap for those who fear rejection, who fear or lack an ability to love, truly love not just mirror back what they want in return or simply for their own spirits. attaching and clinging on is just as bad it sucks the life out of everyone it touches. where is God in all of this? it amazes me how many people construct so many reasons or ways of why this and why that to avoid a God they cannot understand. to make themselves God. or to demolish God altogether. those who work in service are human and have needs also. who makes it ok to smile with the hand out to receive but to turn away and make invisible the giver at the first sign of the reality of completing the circuit being whole and giving back

one can analyze all day, things others say, things other teach
one can quote all day, same same result
which party is on the outside looking in then?

i may have more to say later on, i’ll just use the edit button


5 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Broken we are, separated, perhaps, at birth from the source (expulsion from the Garden of Eden and birth from our mother’s womb are somehow equal, in the heart). Childishly, perhpas, we wait for someone else to make the first move, fearing the old cold rejection of separation; what we find as we grow up is that we get what we give. Do you agree? – Brendan


  2. Geez! I wrote a book back to you. (which I saved until I finish mulling)
    You asked me to agree to a LOT of things all at once there! My head is busy with all of the options NOT included within your comment. My head is busy comparing me with the words in my post and the words in your comment. I think that I could talk about the entire ball of wax for ten years at least and not be finished nor tired of it all. I would probably wish to stop and to play a LOT along the way.

    I can say that my immediate shouting answer is that NO! We do not get what we give! and then immediately just as strong YES!! We DO get what we give.

    I can say too, that from your words, you CAN see some of the additional bits that I wished to communicate. I got so passionately excited that too many things tried to make it out of my mouth and my fingers at once and I now feel like I’m a quivering traffic jam. (quite funny unless you are in the middle of it!)


  3. You obviously have a mind bursting with ideas. An older poet once told me, “it takes decades” (to learn to write poetry), and there’s consolation in that: Imagine how many siloes you’ll fill along the way! It’s good, too, that you have photography as a non-verbal outlet: some of your images are imcomparably alive and wild (I especially liked “Watercolor Wind” and “Giggling Maidens” over at Purple Shoe Phography. You’re fortunate to have many tools with with to express the inexpressible.


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