Help Horrid Disaster…Please Someone Rescue….

There are sooooooooo many things labeled ‘self-help’. But, uhmm…self help comes from self, not some book written by some human that grabbed some tools from another guru, tweaked them a bit(or not) and spit them back out at others, while clinging to the words in desperation hoping that no one can see in the chinks that are left of them. Hoping the ‘Bliss Ninny’ brainwash might hold up enough to hold back others from seeing past all of the manifested things and items all stacked neatly around a pit in the center of one’s house. Who does the work to ferret out the pit into the light and then work diligently to at least keep it from getting larger?

After these writings–here and the world over, come the very very very long lists of disasters. The things that distract from one’s own side of the street and allow them escape and delusion. I was puzzled by the phenomenon especially today. So, I checked the blog post popularity list, the one that went OH NO A COMPUTER VIRUS was at the top! One is about the moon blowing up, one is about psychic scam, and another about a spam email–LIFE AND DEATH I TELL YA!

(Play the dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun sound in head)
(feel tense and look for release that is coming)

I’m aware that life on life’s terms is what life is. But with all of the fruffy therapy and words that say it’s alll good, when a person really ought to be whacked with a brick and told to stop being a weenie and learn to stand up and take risks and so on and so forth. (see adrenaline gets me all rowdy, darn that Mars, cause well it’s certainly NOT MYYYYYY fault! 😀 )

So, I went looking online. I typed in people who rescue, people who rescue too much, people who need to rescue….
One of the searches yielded nearly 48 million reasons to help to save to jump for a cause!
I tried a few more search terms, and the issue that dysfunctional people can have….helping others to feed their own spirit, to make themselves feel better than someone else who they can deem as less fortunate couldn’t be found. Ok I didn’t really read all of them. I rather wanted to hang myself on today’s pirate costume after ten google pages of negative GAG!

This find was interesting and is good for a learning experience.

Then I searched rescue humor and I found this, equally funny. I put a few of the points here, click the link to see it all.
Three Steps to Building Your Own Conspiracy Theory (humor?)
1. Define Your Conspiracy Subject Matter
2. Identify The Agents Responsible For The Conspiracy
3. Connect The Dots
(here is the rest)

It amazes me that all of those shouting from the rooftops about the law of attraction and secret copy this or that, they operate on fear first to hook people into listening. No one would listen to any of it, if they didn’t listen to others tell them they didn’t have or weren’t enough. It is a GREAT way to get people to be dependent and needy individuals, who now have new lists to live up to, new shoulds to bury them in shit.

Oh darn! I’ve just blazed in with my Jolly Roger flyin and me pirate assertiveness raring for a good rescue!
How funny is THAT?!?! 🙂

Be Good to Yourself,
No one else will do it for you!
Elisa, One Aries