Joy, Despair, Different Places, but the Same Things…

When one sits in Life on Life’s terms, one can feel many things. One can attempt to escape by drawing a pretty picture in the mind on what is not so pretty. One can create a lie inside oneself, by repeating words like All is Well, without meaning it. This can create HUGE debt. It also reinforces negative tapes within oneself, normally those tapes we are thinking to avoid or to blot out by using affirmations.

Now, should one use affirmations to unlock doors, ones they truly feel and internalize, these then hold what looks like great power. Is it the words that hold the power? An outside source which we must despair to rush after crawling on knees hoping the supplier of said affirmations doesn’t decide to take away that which we desire in order to feel good. Junkies of feel good waiting for the next provider?

Or, have we noted our innate gift, once attending, to convert anything at any time. The ability to notice and see the smallest speck of joy in the present moment of despair is God’s gift to us. Enchantment with life! To note in infinitesimal moments of now, smaller and smaller so that each runs together in God’s time, not ours. With this gift we can move through anything and retain our inner God granted JOY!

Much Love to You,
Elisa, One Aries

2 thoughts on “Joy, Despair, Different Places, but the Same Things…

  1. It is interesting what you write here. I have thought about using the power of affirmation lately. In the Presence Process, you used it to affirm such as “I choose response, not reaction.” This proved helpful to consciously remember—ahh, I do not want to just grab and the cookie as a way of avoiding a feeling of pain. Or running to email when it’s unclear what to do next. To choose response–ahh, let’s go weed carrots or take a walk or lie in the clover–felt better, somehow. So I am pondering using affirmations again, but not sure. Thank you for your post.


    • You are welcome. I have that same quandary when I choose the next right thing to do and to experience. Am I running away, am I moving through. Am I dressing up a running away and an escape by calling it doing the next right thing by walking thru and noticing all of the other things life contains, while still being where I am, or was. Maybe an affirmation is within what i do too, without calling it such. Is affirmation then also a justification for action, new action, while still sitting with what is alongside it. (might get a headache in this tangle!)


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