One Shoot Sunday and The Play–Purple Profundity: Poetry by Elisabeth Connelley

Sunday Photography Interview: Rosie Hardy & Poetry Challenge

“The time has come, one and all, for that saddest of days— it is my regret to once more say to you all that this is the final One Shoot Sunday. We have such a treat for you on the auspicious day, though, for it’s my pleasure to give to you the marvelous Rosie Hardy. Hardy has an amazing talent for people—from weddings, to children, to model events; but many of you music fans might recognize her work as well. Then 19-year-old Hardy provided the cover shot for Maroon 5′s album, Hands All Over (she also happened to be the model featured in the shot). She’s also done work for Samsung and Penguin Book Publishers, among many others. This young star of the photographic world was kind enough to take the time to interview with One Stop Poetry, and it’s my pleasure to offer her work and her words for our last feature here.

~Chris Galford”


Final Picture Prompt Challenge!

Photography by Rosie Hardy used from One Shoot Picture Prompt Poetry Challenge


The Play

Why are you there?

Living in my mind’s eye?

Your touch is Heaven and Hell at the same moment

Your voice is the whisper of Death.

I am a puppet wanting a heart.

You are the puppeteer.

You make me dance.

I believe I am free.

Then the play is over and you put me in my box.

Cold and empty and dead.

–by Elisabeth Connelley

Doors and The Things That Matter

“A writer’s inner life matters: it is hard to imagine that anything matters more. Nor is this inner life something that anyone else is privy to, unless and until the writer wants to share it. It is a private, secret hotbed of activity, an unruly, unquiet, unholy cauldron bubbling with the best and the worst thoughts a person can think.”
– Eric Maisel

What if it’s worn on a sleeve, pushing right through the front door, mask-less, the manner in which is said to be ideal? What if the owner of the door is blind to all things that do not fulfill expectations and visions of front door behaviors. Is taking what comes then, being naive? is it only understanding and taking in energy on the expected level? If all that comes with me that I express, shows each facet as I turn in the Sun a succession, an ever changing view as I breathe in and out, as I adapt to circumstance receiving, interpreting, and feeding back messages of word and of energy, appears to change because your view says stagnant, fixed, and boxed. Does that make me any less honest or even more funny–any less me?

Does our writer friend up there express facets of self in pure fiction to escape himself/herself? Does the friend attempt to determine what would be most of marketable interest to a particular target audience? Does the friend just talk to himself/herself and not care at all of these return impressions? When one limits the approach of a human by using words like ‘use the front door’, do they provide their own rules and expectations as such so that one may choose to provide or to refuse? or are they simply afraid to state their needs and tell you they are sizing you up with prejudice or fears?

Does this idea all go back to honesty? trust? valuation? weights and measures? Or, is it something else? I’m enjoying the ride and am glad for continuing to grow and to share my view. It is your choice to meet me or not.