Who Gets to Create?

Who created the idea of suffering? Who made it up? Only when we accept this idea can any lying schmuck convince us that we are needing to be saved, needing to be different than we are. This created thing causes us to be ungrounded and to want. Want an idea that cannot be had because suffering was created and made up–it has no opposite, so many many search to find it to create it and to fill it in, attempting to escape ‘suffering’. I think I cannot understand why no one else notices this. Maybe they do and the voices are too strong so they stay silent.

4 thoughts on “Who Gets to Create?

  1. If you didn’t create the idea of suffering, then more power to ya, girl! I created the idea of suffering, darn me, but trying hard not to noose that part either. Sorry…I do know what you mean, really. We don’t need to be saved. Not unless we’ve created that idea, or glommed onto it, and even then it’s just an idea that can be thrown out if it doesn’t work.


  2. Hmm…

    That is interesting that the idea you carried from my words was that we don’t need to be saved. I have focused very hard upon your words to be sure that I DO understand…and I think that no, this time, maybe, I do not.

    I can see the humor and about the individual focusing or not upon suffering, and some thinking of the task of dealing with the concept of suffering. But, I meant that suffering isn’t and never was real EVER. For anyone.

    Thus, there is no way to ‘combat’ it, get past it….it has no reversal nor opposite because it does not exist. Like tear rolling down our cheeks….we must be sad or…

    Dew on grass, however, no such identification…

    What follows from that is that we do not need to be saved from OH SO HORRID suffering then.

    If I simply look at your idea of saved/saver, that is an entire other think altogether..which will require more tea than I have imbibed this fine morning, in order for me to entertain it from a safe distance and maintain my own day. I have PLANS for it you know! lol


    • You know, when I responded to this yesterday deep inside I felt a tug, “Kathy, do not respond in this way to Elisa” but did anyway. I am sorry not to have fully resonated with what you were trying to express. Yes. I see what you are saying. There is no suffering. Bowing deeply…


      • no noooooooooooooo I like you to say what you wish to say! How gross that would be to me for you or anyone else to pat me on the head and to nod!! Besides, how else am I to see past the end of my nose and then your nose and then all of the other noses standing in the line? AND!!! Since you have not provided clarification to me about what you DID mean yesterday, I shall have to continue pondering it and then maybe ask you some more questions! Plunks self down in the thinking, observing, and puzzling chair.


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