Sensible Men and Greatness

Goooooooood Morning!!!

There was a wonderful and renewing
thundershower last night and in the blink of a few flashes of lightning
and much dancing and delight, the view simply changed. I am grateful for

I had tea and I thought upon someone’s blog post about
fundamentals and organizing life and friends. I noticed what I said to
him. I laughed inside. I smiled at the laughing, attributing it to the
rain and grounding. I took the children to school. I left the school and
the normal sort of reminder list of things I should do, things that I
used to do that kept me well, went through my mind. The but-butters
chimed in with…nooooooo you should do this or do that while you are
fresh and clear and so on and so forth.

I watched myself stepping off of the side of my cliff…

And I shouted to myself DESIRE!!

removed guilt and shame. It organized the next right thing
automatically. I went to the college and I grabbed Parabola
magazine–the one I’ve been wanting to go view but didn’t quite make it
there. I walked all of the way to the other side of the library to sit
in the morning sun. I thought I did so to avoid the lights which can
create neurological havoc, hence my avoidance. I sat down and opened the
magazine and felt the pages on my fingers, as if no one else had
touched this issue. I read the forward and realized the draw to seek out
this particular issue. I heard…elisa, look! in my head and I turned
to the right. The entire section where I chose to sit was solid glass
walls with stones of all sorts and grasses and roses. A rabbit had come
and was just sitting perked up looking at me. Remember desire, joy, and
enchantment. I read one of the articles and decided to come home. The
article brought to the front of my mind the Tao.

I followed
simple Tao thoughts to a group online that posts ‘studies’ of the
verses. My own copies of the Tao, do not match translations and
interpretations that are posted there. However, this morning the verse
that drew me to it was Verse 66. The chosen title for it was “Living by
Emulating the Sea”. I sighed and then shook my head a little and then
thought to myself, well read all of the comments, there are other
versions and interpretations there. And I did.

In the comment involving The Tao of Emerson by Richard Grossman, I found this:

“From the Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson – ”Greatness

A sensible man avoids introducing the names
of his creditable companions,
And is content putting his fact or theme
simply on its ground.
You shall not tell me that your commercial house,
your partners or yourself are of importance;
You shall not tell me that you have learned
to know men;
You shall make me feel that
your saying so un-says it.

So very simple. It seems to fit.
But, this is only the shoelace of the shoe and though I think that I
like it, I went off to find the rest of the shoe to try it on and to see
how it fits, how it was made, before I buy it. The entire essay “Greatness”. Enjoy!

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