One Shoot Sunday and Instance–Purple Profundity: Poetry by Elisabeth Connelley

Good Morning! It’s One Shoot Sunday again!

The following is quoted to attribute the photographer and the site that supports and encourages The Poetry Challenge of One Shoot Sunday.

Sunday Photography Interview: Adam Romanowicz & Poetry Challenge

[sic]Adam Romanowicz is an avid pursuer of the artistic and the abstract. An engineer in “the real world,” Romanowicz’s passion for composition and the outdoors has led him to an adventurous life of fine art, as well as editorial and commercial stock photography. His website, 3scape is an award-winning institution show-casing his fine art work. His published credits run the gamut, from CD covers and store displays to the Oxford Dictionary for the Middle Ages.

Today, this inspirational photographer has taken time from his busy schedule to share a bit of insight with One Stop Poetry.”

~Chris Galford

Picture Prompt Challenge Time!

Converging--by Adam Romanowicz

Spontaneous flame did burst
Upon the tree
Soaring on the wind
Tornadic fire to consume


Drawing Earth
Up heaving world

Eagle cries out into wind
Taking messages
Kindred twin

Raging wind
Thunder’s roar
Lightning’s warning

A silent pause deep in the din
A raindrop trickles down her skin
Melting rage and fire deep
Within a soul

In a moment she remembers
Stretches arms up to the sky
Calling torrents of the welcome rain to kiss away pain

–by elisabeth connelley

21 thoughts on “One Shoot Sunday and Instance–Purple Profundity: Poetry by Elisabeth Connelley

  1. “A silent pause deep in the din
    A raindrop trickles down her skin”

    Lovely lines. Like how you infuse the elements into your peace, fitting for the image which survives them. Very well done challenge response.


  2. “Melting rage and fire deep within a soul”

    Yes. I feel the fire deep within my soul soothed and nourished by deeply feeling the pain, and embracing the cool raindrops.


    • I’d like to see you write about the belly button of a balloon! I wonder if the actuality of it would outstrip my imagination of it, or will I determine it only a belly button in comparison. Gosh, the thinks I can think!


    • Rain and particularly singular drops of water fascinate me and root me within the single moment of noticing them. I haven’t yet a word that I’d wish to stick with to describe this, but just now I am thinking of how the miracle of just one drop is larger all around me with each tiny tiny thing the comprises each object, each thought about them, rippling outward toward me and back into the world endlessly, no matter if my body or my thought form at a moment remains in existence at all. It’s amazing to me!


  3. Loved the flow of this piece, gorgeous lines and imagery; the arms reaching up, the raindrop trickling down the skin, eagle crying out in the wind… wonderful response to the prompt.


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