Morning Trip (56)

Art must unquestionably have a social value; that is, as a potential means of communication it must be addressed, and in comprehensible terms, to the understanding of mankind.
Rockwell Kent

2 thoughts on “Morning Trip (56)

  1. Interesting quote about art. I was thinking–yesterday–about writing (somewhere. Blog? Facebook?) about how our lives are really art. Do you think? Are we blank slates upon which we paint our own destiny? Or does some other divine artist paint us? Just some thoughts.


  2. Well, for me the painting and creativity part aren’t the same as free will and destiny. But, if I think it, each bit could be used visually, in that way, just not exactly how I view it. I think there is a plan that has nothing to do with each of us at all. I think we do have will within that and the ability to make choices. But, that the choices and options that follow each thought and action we entertain take the plan–which I liken to a spider web with definition, with the inner bits of the web shifting based upon us, within the limits of the specification of what a web is. Each personal web merges or not with other webs…all of the way back up the line to God, the Creator and the ultimate web.

    It is still frustrating and, I find, difficult to find human words that are adequate to get what is in my head OUT. Also, some, when listening to me or sharing, do not know what I know and what I know that I do not know. Nor, the times when I really mean it, but can also, without shifting my own view, entertain or listen to another person’s views and ideas about it.


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