Winter in Summer (for needing a little chill)

The Desired Snow--by elisabeth connelley

Just in from mowing a field, I mean a yard. Thank the Lord for showers and cold water! It is so funny to notice today, that for a moment everyone was joyful about Spring, or lack of snow. Then came the rain, beautiful anti-drought rain, and cooler than seasonal temperatures for most. I must admit, that it has been difficult for farmers, but many more than the farmers have been irritated and otherwise about the deluge. SO…we have dry and hot hot heat! People whining all day here…perfect sun, perfect clouds, perfect Summer!

Happily looking at that snow, that for me covers life, and thinking of letting it melt over my body as I watch a crimson sun set against ink black trees on the horizon….mmmmm Perfection!

4 thoughts on “Winter in Summer (for needing a little chill)

    • Today, I see, God is feeling playful with the wet theme, and making quite sure that I’m sweating rivulets through places that last year I didn’t know existed. Not sure what to do with that, besides sigh and mop lol.


  1. Beautiful snowy picture! We have high winds today, and the temp dropped from the 80’s yesterday into the 50’s today. If mother nature is asking I would like upper 70’s and no snow. 🙂


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