One Shoot Sunday and Passion–Purple Profundity: Poetry by Elisabeth Connelley

Sunday Photography Interview: Walter Parada & Poetry Challenge
“Walter Parada is a California man, born and raised, and a passionate pursuer and tweeter of all things photographic. Though he shuns referring to himself as an artist, Walter is a professional that certainly knows his art, and pursues a wide spectrum of the field with precision and talent. One Stop would like to extend a warm welcome to him this week as he shares his insights and his images with us…
Picture Prompt Challenge!
~Chris Galford
Thank you to Mr. Parada for sharing this Sunday’s Picture Prompt.

Picture Prompt for Sunday, May 22, 2011 Taken by Walter Parada

To live without passion is to strip us of our humanity. Every expression is life! Every suppression and denial is a cut with a knife to the inner flame, the I AM! There is a way to be unique, individual and yet, part of the group of other humans.

PASSION! The ability to taste, touch, feel, see, smell, shout, scream, cry, laugh, fly…

The majority of time that I have seen, grief and sorrow are not seen as a Passion. Passion, for many, seems to denote sex and Valentine’s Day. Other times, passion is labeled to crimes.

Perhaps passion then, is each vulnerable bubble let fly from the spirit, exactly as it is, uninhibited and let go, to watch it until it can no longer be seen in the distance or is eclipsed by the next moment of passion.
–by elisabeth connelley

11 thoughts on “One Shoot Sunday and Passion–Purple Profundity: Poetry by Elisabeth Connelley

    • I want to say, don’t struggle, don’t think, feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel it. I use the images to evoke what is already present inside of myself. If I find myself trying to put words inside of the box of the image, like a prison. I stop, walk away, and come back later. Take what you want, and leave the rest.

      WAIT!!! HEHEHE!! The ‘struggle’ that you posted is your own red scarf maybe? Use that, if you want….


    • I think that I meant to communicate that passion isn’t a thing to be had nor to be gained. It is not an external. Not separate. It just is, in every moment, otherwise we aren’t human…think borg perhaps? It is our inner flame.


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