Sitting on a Shelf a New Inside Upside Down and Backward Blog, who knows what number today!

What is it like to be sitting on a shelf? Ok, so I really do NOT want to know that. I like to be in action! In front! Flaming! Splashing! Primal! Did you know that you can be all of those things sitting silent??!? Ok, I’ve gone off onto a think….

I’m posting to say that for the third time now, my computer has a virus. This time, the computer is sitting on a shelf at the repair place, as the repair guy has many helpful contracts and duties and is over-run by storm damage to repair, doctor’s office computers virused and locking in all patients’ ever important information by a virusbook (I mean facebook i swear) virus from a surfing at work employee!! I am a little bit more glad to be simply sitting on that shelf, than to be one of those patients! Well, the way that I write and create has a lot to do with what I am near and what I have at hand to utilize for material. While I LOVE LOVE LOVE the library at the college soooo, it is cold steel, mortar, and very bright lights that trigger neurological events–unpleasant ones. So, I wait…I am very careful NOT to be patient nor to ask for patience. I hiss at those uttering such words at me and have them quickly flush the words down the nearest toilet or garbage disposal orifice! WAITING is acceptable, patience brings to me the MOST horrid of demons! YIKES! So, I’m waiting and not writing. I am not yet comfy with not having access to my access, but I’m not yet ripping off my skin in horror! Progress not perfection! See you all again when the computer is fixed!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO no no no, now I’ve got an association!!! Watching those strings appear to tangle and then become a long ‘straight’ strand……oooo oooooooooo ooooooooo. Tossing a yoyo at Kathy!

4 thoughts on “Sitting on a Shelf a New Inside Upside Down and Backward Blog, who knows what number today!

  1. Thinking about tangles and how they can appear so frustrating when we’re perceiving only the knots upon knots upon knots. Thinking also about how being present with those knots in a deep way, allowing them all, without even trying to fix or change them can be such an intimate tangle-free place of connection with Spirit and Presence. Interesting that “patience” is a knot for you, and yet waiting isn’t. Interesting that what is a knot for one person isn’t for another. I found a knot to breathe into at lunch today. It hurt alot…but slowly I became aware of the Presence that encompassed it and then slowly slowly the knot unraveled and maybe now I can rest in the emptiness where the tangle once festered only wanting to be acknowledged.


  2. I wanted to giggle and to offer to spray WD40 onto your particular strand of ‘string’. I hope that my humor and fun and perspective come across to you. I love you and would really dislike it if any of my responses created a feeling of dismay. I also like being able to be exactly who and what I am in a moment, even if that’s talking out of my head and sharing momentary experience that might not make entire good sense from your side of the eyeball. 🙂


    • I had to come over here and see if your response was to me! Did I sound dismayed? Must read and check if there was any dismay-factor. NO! I was in a deeeeeeply serious and quiet and still mood when I wrote above rsponse. Not dismayed at all. Just reflecting where I was in the moment. I like when we all share from exactly where we are in a moment, although if someone has a gun in hand it can be rather threatening… (not that YOU had a gun in hand…ok will shut up now.)


      • oo uh no sorry ATTN COMMUNICATION TRAFFIC JAM. I was just reading again some of my comments and our discussions and realize that at times I can appear–in relation to what others are saying, to go in a funny route when they are SERIOUS(see scowl of severity there) and well I never noted that you yourself had any think whatever about such situations, though I thought it polite to consider it and to ask you. I was having a dismay twist yesterday about your moment of pain at the outing and other bits of me are pointing their nagging fingers at personal boundaries and the nosy monitors are telling me to be QUIET. But it is sometimes ouchy to me to notice ouchy moments and then to sit with them and appear to ignore. While I can really be wriggling unpleasantly wrastling with my fix-it up chappy monster. And, at the same time other bits of me are dancing and hopping inside a ring of johnny-jump ups trying not to squish them, and who also do not wish to be bothered nor have to stop playing.


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