Going to Erie

I haven’t posted in ages. I’m not feeling creative along my ‘normal’ avenues of expression. I’m feeling very…I dunno a word…so I’ll choose excited. I’m taking one of my kiddos to visit colleges in Erie PA. This will allow me to visit another of my kiddos, already attending college there! I don’t have a lot of money for travel and I’m quite happy to find that since I am feeling a bit more comfortable with the driving directions there, that I can relax and enjoy along the way. I want to stop the car and take pictures of the highest point on 80, east of the Mississippi! I want to stop the car and drive into the National park along the way and get images! The hotel is easy to find at the bottom of the exit ramp! One of the colleges is right in downtown and I will get to park and tour the city on a trolley, again being able to relax and take things in! The island is waking up from winter and I’ll get to see the bay and Lake Erie for the first time! I might get pictures of the huge ship too.

The Art Museum is open Sunday for Second Sunday for freeeeeee!!! I was invited to a Mercyhurst College Performance of Opera and accompaniment on Sunday evening! Soooooo many things to do and to see! FOOD FOR MY BRAIN AND HEART! And we all get to have my daughter’s and my birthday cake with candles and everything too! E says I can wear the birthday glasses first and that K will have to wait her turn! Sand and lapping lake water! 😀

If I’m not careful my moments will all lap together and I’ll get confused!

See you when I get back!

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