One Shoot Sunday and Winter–Purple Profundity: Poetry by Elisabeth Connelley

Good Morning! It’s One Shoot Sunday again! The following is quoted to attribute the photographer and the site that supports and encourages The Poetry Challenge of One Shoot Sunday.

“Hello one and all – welcome to the latest edition of One Shoot Sunday. Normally, you would hear me (Chris Galford) wax philosophic here or provide you with an introduction to our latest photographic find. Today, however, we’re simply going to be providing you with a prompt from an old friend of One Stop’s.

You may remember Roger Allen Baut @ChasingTao from the early days of OneShoot (Roger’s One Shoot Interview). If not, you should definitely take a look now. A talented and friendly photographer, he makes his return to One Stop today with something a little more abstract. Look beneath the surface. What speaks to you here? Let your imagination go for this one.”

Accept Today’s Poetry Challenge!

Winter–Purple Profundity: Poetry by Elisabeth Connelley

that season
cold hard
stripped bare
happy, hope
remembered fondly
great vines and twists of leaves
sun soaked, and seduced until
the mind floats off into the sound
the wind making love with leaves
fruits hanging heavy
the golden lushness
the red flames
consume the view
the lust
harvest of summer dreams
stripped bare
now, harsh wind
a leaf hangs
here or there
stubborn clinging
to believe
winter is not bare
winter is not naked
winter is not what is

–elisabeth connelley