Morning Trip (51)

“I am not at all interested in immortality, only in the taste of tea.
–From Lu Tong (also spelled as Lu Tung)”

“Lu Tong’s Seven Bowls of Tea 七碗诗 卢仝(唐. 790~835)

The first bowl moistens my lips and throat; 一碗喉吻潤,

The second bowl breaks my loneliness; 二碗破孤悶,

The third bowl searches my barren entrails but to find 三碗搜枯腸,

Therein some five thousand scrolls; 惟有文字五千卷,

The fourth bowl raises a slight perspiration 四碗發輕汗,

And all life’s inequities pass out through my pores; 平生不平事盡向毛孔散,

The fifth bowl purifies my flesh and bones; 五碗肌骨清,

The sixth bowl calls me to the immortals. 六碗通仙靈,

The seventh bowl could not be drunk, 七碗吃不得也,

only the breath of the cool wind raises in my sleeves. 唯覺兩腋習習清風生。

Where is Penglai Island, Yuchuanzi wishes to ride on this sweet breeze and go back. 蓬萊山﹐在何處,玉川子乘此清風欲歸去。

(Steven R. Jones 2008)”

5 thoughts on “Morning Trip (51)

  1. “Penglai Shan – Island of the Immortals

    Penglai Shan is said to be the home of the Ba Xian. Penglai Shan is an elusive island on the east of China that cannot be reached by the ordinary boats of mortals. It can only be reached by those with feet as light as feathers.

    The peach tree, whose sacred fruit bestows immortality on the eater, and which blossoms only once every three thousand years, is found on Penglai Shan. The dwellings of the Ba Xian on this Island of the Immortals are made from pure silver and gold. It is also here that one will find the fountain of the elixir of life.”


  2. Oh bummer. On this repost, the video is missing and there is no name for me to search it again. If I recall properly, the original had something including steppes and peach blossoms that wouldn’t bloom until…a story, you know. The very funny thing is, I quite missed my morning tea moments while fretting over the video! (rolls eyes at self)


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