8 thoughts on “Rock Run

    • It is! About a quarter of a mile away from these falls is another falls water area where all of the stone is worn away smoothly, a bit like a stone bowl and due to the minerals the water is tinged a sort of mint green color. Above this was an area worn away under more shelved rock where I encountered about 50 yellow butterflies, they came and lit upon me while I prayed.


  1. hey,

    Like some of your images, I frequently teach a course called the art of seeing …… I’ve got a few images on my blog too.

    being creative is my life … i don’t like things that threaten nature.

    greg leave a comment if you visit


    • That’s really interesting! I have another blog marked private, Noticing Nature, in which I am discussing and going over the book The Art of Seeing. Thanks for visiting, I’ll come see your pages after my son’s birthday dinner is over!


    • I’ve been very inside of myself, without words that I think that I like or that express to match my insides, of late. It is more rare, that I have many days without a new post. Thanks for visiting!


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