Winter Creative Passion!

How to Make a Snowball...

Step two...

Step Three...

Yay! I did it!!!

8 thoughts on “Winter Creative Passion!

    • Thanks! Yes he was, he was standing outside of the window making me watch his abilities. I love to see him engaged and full of life! This particular posting is a part of the Creative Every Day 2011 Challenge, February’s theme is Passion!


    • There is another one somewhere, taken on the same day, that having mastered his new skills, he created and created until he got the PERFECT snowball and promptly named it George. Apparently, George had aspirations to rent a portion of our freezer for his domicile, but…..(bow heads and say a prayer in his memory), George broke in Z’s hands on the way in the front door and halfway down the hall to the kitchen. May George forever rest in peace.


  1. The East is so overtaken with snow! (and now midwest) and I sit here among… fog. fog. fog. Today was the first day in weeks I could actually SEE the sunrise! I would love to hang out in the snow at least for a little while!


    • Hmm…I have been pondering the appropriate way to respond. I have decided to say that I would love fog and sunrises, nighttime darkness and falling snows, as they are all equally gifts from the Creator. My body, many times, slaps me and calls me a liar, it seems not to care as much for shivering as basking in sunlight! I have taken to sitting in the chair by the window or in my car when the sun comes around the highrise next doors to basque in the warmth of the sun on my face, that is now strong enough to be there even if it is 5 degrees!


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