6 thoughts on “Family Takeback–Something Seen at the Tree Place

  1. Well, there was this creeper fellow at the tree place. So, I had to do a little of what I do to monitor him, as he raised my hackles. When I got to the baby willow at the other side of the tree place, I ‘watched’ him put a note on my car. Worked a LOT so he didn’t follow me up to the larger circle. Kept hoping I was wrong and then…

    Well I knew otherwise and as soon as I could get in line of sight of my car, of course there was the note. He’s been at the tree place off and on now for months looking for me, or any other female alone. I am quite angry that my Tree Place has been thus defiled! We’ve talked so you know how much it all means to me. I drove out to try and get past any fear reactions and I wasn’t wrong he was there in a truck. I ‘hid’ my car and he drove back and forth a lot searching for me.

    Got another vision that I’d not have another pass to get away, so I left. He followed me, so I pulled off of the side of interstate with flashers on and he couldn’t…

    Will have to wait till May now to go back.

    I am quite angry, though on the other hand it was a nice confirm that I DO need to pay attention to what I see and know. And, that I am being looked after too, just as I look after others.

    I snagged the above image as my attempt at calm defiance while I watched what he was going to do.

    Oh, and the Spruce is a family tree, protector. I prayed to it then. The response was May, Elisa you will have to sit patiently hibernating and quietly working until then.


  2. Oh Elisa! I am so very glad that you honed into what you knew and intuited and followed your instincts. I am glad you are safe. But can imagine the anger and frustration at this energy in your sacred place. It brings tears to my eyes. I am so sorry. And glad that you used the totality of you to bring this to a safe end nurturing end for yourself.


  3. Me too! I have moments that I’d like to just choke the life out of him honestly, but I just do not want to pay those energetic prices. It all has bumped upon that thing that I have that I must do the right thing, even with those who might wish me harm. sigh 🙂


  4. I called the police today, after the Township Office suggested it. I now have a plan, provided by state police and they will route a drive through down into there around those hours in the morning. They said anytime I see him to call them immediately and if it is safe to get pictures, but only if it is safe. I feel a wee little bit stronger now, at least I took some steps!


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