Old Tubs, Outhouses and Discarded Doors for Resonant Enigma: A. Decker

The Resonant Enigma does.  I am particularly fond of when Resonant Enigma does a sketch.  I hope that Resonant Enigma does not mind me saying that to me, they feel of quick burstings of things that must come out, hidden in or simply paired like wine to the output.  Would that I had the gift of expression using that particular medium.  Envy, however, I will pluck and put into an Envelope to engage, enrich, and express in a MUCH healthier and joyous expression of my own gifts that bring and share light that has no end.


I did not imagine that after my comment on the Bathtub sketch, that I’d be asked to share such….items.  To me, taking them, felt like catching a copulating couple and watching unnoticed, sometimes looking at them and their act, other times valuing light and shadow or the simple movement of a leaf on a branch near to them instead.


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