For the Time Being–Purple Shoe Photography

For the Time Being--by elisabeth connelley

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Summer in Winter

Summer in Winter

I am currently shivering!  I am currently very very grateful not to be homeless!  I am very very grateful to have heat and food.  I am still shivering and thinking about placing heated bricks in the bed for warmth, Ok, so it’s a memory AND it really works!  I got myself a rare evening cup of black tea and decided to look through my pictures folder, while it steeped and I drank.  I long for these sights and these smells.  Bright flashes of God, The Creator’s great imagination!  How chosen the reds fading to other reds and orange, petals curved and curled just so in each moment as the sun moves, or we move, or maybe just the Earth…

I cleaned out a row of celery, saving much of it for customers.  I loved the resistant tug of the celery as I pulled it free of the soil.  Its scent, unique perfume, lingering until I found more dill!

Tewksbury Dill

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!  The things the air carries, bringing forth and sending away!