Fleurs-de-lis –Purple Shoe Photography

Fleurs-de-lis--by Elisabeth Connelley

Images are the property of Elisabeth Connelley and Purple Shoe Photography. They are offered in limited numbered prints.

Please send inquiries to: elisa58t2sugarless@yahoo.com with Purple Shoe Photography in the subject line.

5 thoughts on “Fleurs-de-lis –Purple Shoe Photography

  1. Love your photography, love your titles and love your wonderful insights. Labels indeed! My ‘ouchie place’ protects itself from discovery with all sorts of labels and hide-outs! love you!


    • Thank you! I chose it because the day after my first public event, I went to the local Farmer’s Market and several people could not recall my name, but DID know me like this….
      HEY!!! You are that photographer with those purple shoes and hot pink laces and that photo with the…. in it. Voila! Purple Shoe Photography!


  2. My business cards have an image of them on it! When I get my puter back I’ll attach an image of them! (remind me that I was dismayed and wanting excuses NOT to take images in winter …it’s what I get, now that I wish to take them, I cannot.)


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