Decadent–Purple Shoe Photography

Decadent--by Elisabeth Connelley

Images are the property of Elisabeth Connelley and Purple Shoe Photography. They are offered in limited numbered prints.

Please send inquiries to: with Purple Shoe Photography in the subject line.

2 thoughts on “Decadent–Purple Shoe Photography

  1. OK! I found your photography blog. Finally! Very cool. Any more thoughts about putting them all together in one tree? Or will you still leave them as trunks and leaves and branches? (You take Darn Good pictures.)


  2. Yes, I’ve been putting the other blogs in their own homes and then putting copies in here too! (just to see if people seem to find them better here, and they dooooooooooooo)

    I think I’ll keep making them in both places for a while longer and then maybe close the separated ones.

    Thank you for the compliment.


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