5 thoughts on “Lughnasadh

  1. Elisa, are you on a blogging protest? Came over here to see what you might have written new, and you are still Lughnasadh-ing. Which is, of course, a good thing to keep at the forefront. OK, that’s all. Slipping back to my little space.


  2. In some ways, I suppose that I might be. Many bad news about cancers and terminal diseases in those close to me, many positive developments as I pack my child to college and watch them all learn new skills. Trips to Powwows, circling and low flying blue herons, flint-napping, new subjects to learn, so many new inputs, so many simple things one snowflake at a time. To write of them seems too disjointed and disconnected from all of the others. The small snapshots seem so devastating in themselves or, so happy for the small simple things a denial of sorts of the unpleasant. I did add a few poems on Purple Profundity. This morning, I was brave and I wrote you a story. It feels so strange to be juggling and suddenly attend to a small joy, so fully absorbed that the sun comes out and a cooling breeze rushes through my spirit. Thank you for visiting.


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