11 thoughts on “Morning Trip (22)

  1. I dunno bout choosing to be hot or cold … but pushing out of the depths of despair … I have done it – without medications and by pushing through. Movement helps. Getting outa bed, breathing, walking, viewing nature, breathing, touching my critters, breathing the air, watching funny movies, reading great poetry and literature, connecting with safe friends. With writing those words … I also acknowledge it hasn’t always been EASY.

    Hello dear sweet Elisa!!!! much love to you always!!! from yer old pal perky-dotta-who loves you a lotta!


    • OOOOOOOOOOOO ty Perkydots! I have attempted various times to comment on your own blogs, however it will not let me! (envision elisa-style temper tantrum here)

      Your words here, pointed out, that my pondering when I was thinking about happy yesterday, had not gone as far as it could have gone. My insides said to me: oh what a naive mistake!! And then, I requested a way to exhibit the remainder. I think the reply became Morning Trip 23 😀


  2. I think I may have fixed the commentary problemo on my blogs! Do try, try again! :)) I will now read your newest Morning Trip!!! Love your blogging by the way! Love seeing your smiling face again! oh my oh my!!! 🙂


  3. Hi Elisa,

    In Gestalt psychology there is an assumption that questions are really statements…so if I was to interpret your question, I assume your asking how can you be free of unhappiness and achieve the goal of happiness….and the belief that this state can be found through the thought process.

    The mistake is that we do not realize the goal of happiness is the cause of unhappiness…therefore only when we give up this goal and feel totally free to be unhappy do we resolve this conflict…it can not be done by the thought process but instead by an act of surrender when we realize the futility of “thinking” for a solution to this problem.



  4. Sid,
    Many can become puzzled about my intent with questions. I looooooooove to create situations where I can watch others think. I can share a lot about myself, while allowing space for others to joyfully express themselves at the same time. Tis, rare in so short a time anyone notes it, or meets me at the front door as you have seemed to do in this first post/comment. I thank you.

    Gestalt and psychology, honestly make me gag, though this time, it is possibly only a reaction. I would like to find a source about it as it ‘should’ be, rather than what people do with what they read or internalize from the biases of instructors and such. If you have such a source, I would be glad to investigate it. Perhaps the need to gag would fade AND, I would glean the appropriate vocabulary to communicate more effectively with those in that field.

    Your assumption was very interesting to me. My questions were very literal. I really didn’t think of being free of anything when I wrote them. I really was free thinking and imagined standing in a walk in freezer–freezing, and willing myself to be hot. It amused me! 😀

    I like the ‘mistake’ of which you spoke. I can follow, comprehend, and agree with your statements. I noticed that you used ‘the mistake’ and I smiled. I also noted your use of opposites and binary choice. I find that there are always more one choice and its apparent opposite. (it’s funny that when writing, if one thinks too much, one can write oneself into showing an either/or choice–all right so I meant ME there with the always/implied never hehe fun fun!)

    I’m getting images of water flowing down a stream both freely and up and over river rocks. This image comes to me when speaking with people about string theory and quantum energy. If I try to focus and to pick out the exact point upon which I am residing at any moment–because I’m determined to feel stable or simply to KNOW where I am, to define a point or a place, I tense up (and perhaps become dysfunctional), I try to deny all that is endlessly moving. If I focus on the ‘river’, I may miss all of those endlessly wonderful points along the way. When I relax and simply do (which I think is that letting go you spoke of above) I experience and express as I was created to do.

    Related to this discussion is the concept of those who are multiples. Current trends literally have people attempting to split themselves using terms like ego and labeling it as bad. So far, it is my belief that escaping responsibility and avoiding learning and utilizing functional skills is leading people down a very sad road, but the road has been all dressed up by marketing to avoid an ever growing list of unacceptable things that we are taught that feel badly. If an alcoholic or addict did these things, they’d be acting out. I wonder if anyone is noticing?

    Thank you for the discourse! It was a very pleasant way to spend dinnertime.

    EDIT** I may have to eat crow about the Gestalt gagging. AND I will acquire more INPUT!!! Number Five is ALIVEEEE!!!


  5. “People ask questions for many reasons. Mostly, they ask questions in order to embarrass people, and to avoid making a statement. Actually each question, and this is a wonderful thing, each question contains its own answer. Try to make a statement out of any question.” ~Fritz Perls


  6. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………

    I have several responses to this!!! YAY! BOINK!

    I have yet to decide how I wish to express them, it’s almost better than trying to choose between Italian pastries, all of which I am not allowed–that are not good for anyone if I eat them.

    So, here is a portion of the reply

    I will also giggle and note that Mr. Perls is missing his a to become a Pearl of wisdom, though it is probably good that the a of assumption is also left out, the street sweeping bills could be astronomical! Now, I am off to the library to read about him and Gestalt theory. Heidegger has now been shoved aside, though I might discover that I required the Gestalt first. Wouldn’t that be interesting?!?


  7. “Gestalt and psychology, honestly make me gag, though this time, it is possibly only a reaction”

    So, if I understand you well, you use “gestalt and psychology” to risk a bit of “gaged honesty” but consider it as a time bound reaction?

    “I will also giggle and note that Mr. Perls is missing his a to become a Pearl of wisdom”

    You inform about a future giggle and share that Mr Pearls would have been a Pearl of wisdom, but MR Perls is not?

    “Heidegger has now been shoved aside”
    He reincarnated as “side dish”?

    “though I might discover that I required the Gestalt first.”
    “THE” gestalt?

    ” Wouldn’t that be interesting?!?”
    “That” probably not, but would it be for you or other?

    That much to the temptation I could not resit of a text pretending to “know gestalt”.


  8. A tree in the wind bends and sways. True, if the wind blows hard enough, parts, if not all of the tree will snap. The wind is thus satisfied that it has done its work. The wind is then proven vastly superior and does not notice the seeds from the tree carried far and wide, wasting nothing and converting destructive force for simple nature. The forest grows, and the wind, remains the wind.

    Thank you for walking alongside me.


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