Inside Upside Down and Backward Blog (7)

This morning, I started off in bed.

**Already a good start if We do say so Ourselves, soooooooo much better than the floor.

Felt like someone inflated my body and then firmly stuffed the extra spaces full of cotton. Who knew eyelids were inflatable?!? Also felt like someone had a power line with intermittent surges attached directly to my spine and in the spaces in between the surges that my body parts and mind were just floating off randomly in separate directions.

**THAT, is what you GET for eating 3/4 of a box of the lovely organic lemon cookies..We toooooooold you so, yes we did….

So, I sighed and reached for the glass of water beside the bed and began to guzzle. My insides were busy muttering and then one joyful bit ripped away from the rest and said:

**ooooooooooo yes within the mindless guzzle are tendrils and rivlets of cool refreshing water going down the throat across the desert of a tongue and sharing the possibility of a waking up in the tummy as it pools YAY!

I smiled and chuckled and then squashed it with a decided frown.

**She is soooooooo stubborn, isn’t it amazing to watch?!? Please stretch, just a wee stretch…come on…you can do it…

Of course the teeny stretch was amazing and led to wall stretches that took me to the sink, splashing wonderful cold water onto my face and neck and arms. MMMmmm now tea!

No time to sit still this morning, slipping grumpily off into Cotton-land again. Take a kiddo for food and then to work.

**pssst….tree place ….tree place

Harumph, see how they gang up on me?!?

I first went to read about Kathy’s Thrill at Lake Superior Spirit and then I followed her to her description of coffee. Ok, so I am still sleepy and I’m a sensory sort of person and the lust for the smell got me motivated enough to leave the house AND to visit the tree place on the way back from depositing a kiddo at work. The blog was about the world waking up, noticing and remembering itself, though being new again and taking a son to the airport and to his own life. It had me think of my own child heading off to college in a month and the daily attention and focus on some things, that often, through another’s eyes seems like one is giving up better bits in favor of daily requirements. I wonder if I am creating a potential loss, or simply dancing within a what-if.

On the way home I stopped at the farmer’s market, the gifts of the gardens are never boring to me. Someone teased me there once and said that I look like a small child in a candy store flitting from item to item touching and smelling.

**Yes and he prods you with the words hmmm time for a farmer’s market moment, when you have had sugar or are down too silly.

God bless true friends eh? 😉 They always seem to say what you need, even if you do not at the moment want to hear it!

So, today I am recovering from sugar. I wonder as I type, does recover mean to get over or to cover up again?

Off to make a crust-less beet green quiche..mmmmmmmm