Morning Trip (17)

This morning, the Morning Trip is a little bit different, in that I am sharing more than expressive triggers. This morning I am on my way out to pray and walk at the Tree Place earlier than usual. I will be shortly working with 30 teenage young ladies who are coming from a safe haven residence and treatment center. I ask for grace, not to assume. I ask for a quiet and grounded mind and center, that I speak the words that are granted to me, in order to ease suffering and to bring joy. (and to avoid irritating those who do not wish to be with us, but have no choice)
I will share with you, some of what I will share with them.

“a piece of the River
there’s a river
that invents us together

a river you write
out of the matter
you become when you read it

a river translating
on paper
what my senses perceive

a river
where our eyes commune
with the bread of each letter

there’s a river
a river passing through my head”
– Manuel Ulacia

3 thoughts on “Morning Trip (17)

    • I’m just back and covered in dirt from the dig. It’s an archaeological site in an area connected to previous digs at the Tree Place. Most of the girls seemed to appreciate and to respect the process. Some of them were engaged enough to want to talk about the quote and then shared of themselves! I loved watching the smiles and the ice-cracking, and the inner flame shining. We made prayer bundles after writing feeling words and walked to hang them onto the ‘baby’ willow. I will burn them all the first weekend in August at the opening of the circle with the fire at the Powwow.

      Thanks very much for visiting!


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