Morning Trip (14) or Inside Upside Down and Backward Blog (5)

Good Morning!

I am adding in the beginning since I have come to an end, and realized that what began as a ponder and became the Morning Trip(14) which did not look nor feel like the average Morning Trip and then slid over more into the Inside Upside Down and Backward Blog (5). I could not slight one or the other. So, laughing at myself for feeling ‘wrong’, especially after readers will see the ‘wrong’ topic below, I posted it as both, let the reader simply read and filter and decide–or perhaps not care so very much about headings. Enjoy! I am going to get a cup of tea.

“The bright side of wrong

Our tendency to err is also what makes us smart. Here’s what we’d gain from embracing it

By Kathryn Schulz
June 13, 2010

There are certain things in life that pretty much everyone can be counted on to despise. Bedbugs, say. Back pain. The RMV. Then there’s an experience we find so embarrassing, agonizing, and infuriating that it puts all of those to shame. This is, of course, the experience of being wrong.

Is there anything at once so routine and so loathed as the revelation that we were mistaken? Like the exam that’s returned to us covered in red ink, being wrong makes us cringe and slouch down in our seats. It makes our hearts sink and our dander rise.

Sometimes we hate being wrong because of the consequences. Mistakes can cost us time and money, expose us to danger or inflict harm on others, and erode the trust extended to us by our community. Yet even when we are wrong about completely trivial matters — when we mispronounce a word, mistake our neighbor Emily for our co-worker Anne, make the dinner reservation for Tuesday instead of Thursday — we often respond with embarrassment, irritation, defensiveness, denial, and blame. Deep down, it is wrongness itself that we hate….”
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5 thoughts on “Morning Trip (14) or Inside Upside Down and Backward Blog (5)

  1. OHMYGOD! I am sputtering and laughing so hard it’s almost impossible to stay upright in this chair. I LOVE that Monty Python video. But who to share it with…? Drumming fingers, thinking. My nun friend probably not… Oh Elisa! You are so funny!


    • i thought very hard about the person that might uhm benefit from being sent that video…
      in fact i was beyond chortles of glee, straight into cackles…new happy things to do with a resentment list!!! send each of them the video and sing it through 3 times before sending–it’s funnerer than praying for them AND prevents one from nefarious plottting!!!

      OOOOOOOOo perhaps another blog topic!!! things to do for one’s enemies

      ps..thanks i might be able to handle that i am so funny, being a wise acre might be easier to swallow


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