Morning Trip (13)

“We do not inspire and expire fully and entirely enough, so that the wave, the comber, of each inspiration shall break upon our extremist shores, rolling till it meets the sand which bounds us, and the sound of the surf comes back to us.”
– Henry David Thoreau

6 thoughts on “Morning Trip (13)

  1. Are you going to keep re-running blogs for a while? It’s interesting…I was tempted to do this as well recently. Many of my current readers just started reading last March or April. Love Henry David.


    • oh gawd the thing just ate my own comment!

      Yes, I think that I will be doing the sticky post thing though all of the Morning Trip. I like what they are telling me. I am feeling a lot of the shoulds of late. I should put up new images on the photography place. I should be trying to write and to follow through with my new idea on the new blog A Year, The Way of a Lilac. We’ll see what happens. I forgot what it can be like to be thrilled and amazed, devastated and challenged all at once. I think I might like it, I am not sure. Feels like skating on a vertical surface a little. Part wants the weeeeeeeeeeee, part wants to scream oh heeeeeeeell no and cling on for dear life squeezing my eyes shut.


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