Morning Trip (2)

“The important thing about despair is never to give up, never wrap up and put away a sterile life, but somehow keep it open. Because you never can know what’s coming; never. That’s the great thing about life, the crucial thing to remember. You may beat your fists on a stone wall for years and years, and every consideration of common sense will say it’s hopeless, forget it, spare yourself; and then one day your bleeding hand will go through as if the wall were theatrical gauze; you’ll be in another realm where birds are singing and love is possible, and you’d have missed it if you’d given up, because it might be only that one day the wall was not stone.”
– Allen Wheelis

4 thoughts on “Morning Trip (2)

  1. Such wonderful, profound quotes. I resonated with each and every one of them. Especially with the thought of wandering a whole day wherever my heart led me with nothing else to do . . .


  2. YES! YES! The bleeding hand will go through the wall, finally! (I was going to wonder why you are posting old blogs, but am now utterly enthused about the quote. Thank you.)


    • I’m really pleased to see the amazing thinks that I have and how they stick in what comes forth from them. I don’t usually say nice things about myself. I like being so enthused and seeing my own works as if I am reading them on a blog belonging to another. I can tend to think that I am ineffective and yet when I can see it, my insides feel like the sun coming out. I probably should not have put this as a comment. But, just for now..I’m enough and it’s ok to speak.


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